Welcome to the Danish Police Union

The Danish Police Union has a strong political influence in Denmark. It is our duty to represent our members in all matters affecting the welfare and efficiency of police officers. We negotiate on matters affecting pay, conditions, annual leave, pensions and other matters. We provide a comprehensive legal advice and assistance service.

The Danish police officers are highly respected and enjoy from a strong confidence among the public and politicians. The detection rate of serious crime is among the absolute highest in the world. It is a clear objective; that the police should be visible in the streets. To our opinion cooperation and dialogue are crucial factors in the problem-solving process.

The Police Union has reached this high level of expertise by constantly seeking to maintain and improve the basic police training of all police officers. We only accept to have a first-class police.

The Danish police officers are well-trained and professional with pride and psychological insight These are important requirements for our police officers – today and in future.

The Police Union’s work abroad

Also on an international level, we work to ensure that the best interests of the police officers are properly represented. We cooperate with the International Council of Police Representative Associations (ICPRA) attending meetings discussing police union issues, sharing information and fostering strong relationships between national associations.

We assist new police unions in Eastern Europe by offering advice and sharing knowledge.

We challenge the politicians and work actively in EuroCOP to raise the level and the awareness of police welfare. Only by ensuring democratic and well-trained police forces around the world will we be able to deal with the challenges of the future. 

The police are the most important protectors of democracy and the rule of law.